Nos métiers


Lafarge is the leading company in the cement business, both locally and internationally. Focused on innovation, the company offers products and solutions adapted to the Mauritian market.

The cement terminal, located in the capital city of Port-Louis, proposes bag and bulk delivery. The concrete silos have a vertical storage capacity of 35,500 MT. This efficient storage method is unique to Mauritius. The different types of cement, Baobab CEM I 42.5N and Baobab Lakaz CEM II 32.5 are delivered in 25 kg bags and Bao6ab Masonry Cement MC 22.5N in 10 kg and 25 kg bags.

In 2012, Lafarge (Mauritius) has invested in an automatic palletizer, enabling delivery in packs on pallets and wrapped in plastic cover. Given the local climate, this system ensures a quality supply. The customers immediately adopted this solution.

Lafarge continued its momentum. In 2015, the company inaugurated a brand new mixing plant, which required an investment of Rs 115 million. It allowed the company to propose a wide range of cements adapted to local conditions. Some of its cements are partly made with recycled local raw materials. “Lafarge aims to innovate, for Mauritius and with Mauritians” explain the management team.

And, to speed up the unloading of cement, Lafarge (Mauritius) has acquired a cement ship unloader, a state-of-the-art equipment worth Rs 200 million coming from Netherlands. With a capacity of 450 tons/hour, it enables the company to take charge of open hold ships more quickly. The cement ship unloader pumps the cement directly from the holds with its articulated arm and transfer it to the silos belonging to Lafarge (Mauritius).

Lafarge (Mauritius) operates a fleet of more than 10 tankers with a capacity of 20-30 tons, which ensure the bulk distribution of Baobab cement across the island. The company has more than 30 regional distributors and also intervenes in Rodrigues.

Present in Mauritius for more than 50 years, Lafarge (Mauritius) is proud to have contributed to the construction of the island.