At LafargeHolcim Health and Safety is a core value. In the face of the coronavirus pandemic we have continued to live up to this core value, acting quickly and with great solidarity to protect employees, contractors and all our stakeholders in the time of Coronavirus (Covid-19).

Faced with this current situation, the LafargeHolcim group has set up a committee; a BRT (Business Resilience Team) to monitor the progress of the pandemic and support countries during this period. A BRT cluster has also been launched to guarantee the proper functioning of our action plan in the Indian Ocean region. The BRT provides timely information on good practices to better respond to this health crisis.

Our COVID-19 measures

We have implemented a set of measures to protect our teams. These measures include:

• Pandemic simulation exercise to assess the effectiveness of the intervention plan.

• Hydro-alcoholic gel available at the entrance to all sites and regular verification on social distancing rules.

• In order to limit contact, employees using public transport now use more suitable means of transport made available to them by the company.

• Daily follow up of employees and members of their family to enquire about any symptoms linked to COVID

• The implementation of working from home in some countries of the cluster Indian Ocean; where the post allows.

• No employee is allowed to leave the workplace during the lunch break to avoid contact with the public. Employees bring their meals every day.

• Shift work has been reviewed to enable minimum presence on site.

• Alcohol testing in some islands has been stopped to avoid contamination with mouthpiece.

• The use of reusable and washable masks is preferred in countries with a shortage of disposable masks.

• Regular reminders to employees on hygiene procedures while going to supermarkets.

• Detailed procedure communicated in case employees develop symptoms at home or has been in contact with an infected person

• All meetings are held by video conference.


How we keep the employees informed of the latest news

• An intranet page dedicated to Coronavirus is constantly updated with documents and directives.

• A newsletter that brings together the latest news from the area.

• Regular videoconference call with the team.